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This category contains articles or categories that need work or need constant editor attention. If you are one of our dedicated editors, and find yourself with nothing to do, please pick a category and go with it.

High Priority[edit | edit source]

Needed Categories[edit | edit source]

These categories have articles assigned to them, but there is no content on the category page. Be careful, many of these categories are spelled wrong or have the wrong format. They already exist.

Uncategorized Images[edit | edit source]

We are working to get all images tagged with some form of copyright information. Please use the templates Category:Image_copyright_tags listed here to add categories and copyright information to any uncategorized images.

Double Redirects[edit | edit source]

Pages which redirect to a page with another redirect will break. They will not take the visitors directly to the page they need to be sent to. These changes are quick and greatly appreciated.

Mid Priority[edit | edit source]

Dead-end Pages[edit | edit source]

Dead-end pages have no outbound links to other articles. This hinders our visitors ability to find information. We should work hard to insure all pages have outbound links to other articles.

Wanted Pages / Content Creation[edit | edit source]

Yes, writing new articles is a mid level priority. If you are here to help this is the best place to start. Don't forget to use the Category:Standard Templates

We do always need to bring more information onto the site by having our visitors like you create new pages.

If you cannot or do not want to create a new page, try finishing one of our stubs or fixing one of the poorly formated articles.

Low Priority[edit | edit source]

Orphaned Pages[edit | edit source]

Pages listed in this category have no incoming links. This makes it difficult if not impossible for visitors to find unless they make a lucky search.

Categories without Categories[edit | edit source]

I know it sounds weird, but it helps to give categories other categories. If one of these categories belongs within another, please add it!

Pages without Categories[edit | edit source]

All pages should have Categories, all pages listed in on this page have no categories set-up.


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